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How long does it take to create a character?

From the moment I start, it usually takes me around 5 working days to finish one Character – illustrated portrait. To make sure I can count on eventual modifications, I put the delivery time up to 14 days from the project start.
Mascot completion depends on the amount, format and the complexity of the concept. During our first talk I will let you know when I can start and when can you expect it complete.

Where will you send me the character?

To your email. If the file is too big, I will set up a download link for you.

In what format will you deliver the character?

Depending on your preferred style, it can be made as a PSD, AI or just plain PNG. I will let you know what is the best one for your needs.

Where can I use the character?

You can use it any way you like, as long as you are not reselling it or claiming it your work. You can use use it on your websites, profile avatars, business cards, brochures, personal things… you can even tattoo it on yourself, I surely won’t mind.

Can I modify the character?

Yes, of course – it is yours after you pay for it. You can change it any way you want, or you can hire me to update your style or whatever you’d like to change. You only can not change it and present it as your work, or try to sell it.

Does my photo has to be in your gallery?

No, it doesn’t. I’ll ask you if you’d like that after we complete our project. I do however, hold the right to use the character I made in showcase purposes.

Do you have to use my photo to create my character?

Well, yes – if you’d like the character to represent you.
But, if you’d like me to develop a fictional character for you, a mascot of sorts, we can do that, no problem there.

What if I don’t like my character?

If you don’t like your character at the time of the first preview, you should tell me so and I will change it accordingly. If you still don’t like it after many changes (think >15), I may consider aborting the project. Refund is not possible in this case.

This never happened before because people order characters after seeing my work and let me know what they would like to have. So, make sure you explain what you want in the order form, and even more importantly, provide me with a nice photo of yourself, with the face expression you’d like the character to have.

Is a refund possible?

Only in the case if I fail to deliver you the first character preview a month after my estimate. Creating a character is not a fixed process, but I do want you to count on having one at a specific time. If I fall sick or have a personal leave, I will let you know to expect the character some time later.

What if everybody laughs at my character?

It happens constantly. Your family and friends will laugh, and that usually means it’s good. I have to suggest to get over it or don’t order one if you do not understand the point of having one.

What if I want you to make me prettier?

Then you tell me so. I will not judge, not even if you asked me to draw you in a dominatrix suit with a whip in your hand. You can think of whatever your heart desires. I sure made myself appear a chic french girl over there!

More of your questions may be answered in Terms of Service. If you have more questions, feel free to Contact me.



"I've looked for many ways to personalize my blog and nothing seemed right to me. I wanted something that was fun, but also felt like me. Then I stumbled upon some of Djuro's work and just loved it! What's more personal and fun than a character that's modeled after you? She worked with me to develop a character that encompassed the elements I wanted and the personal touches that are unique to me and my style. The result was amazing and I LOVE my character! Thanks a bunch Djuro!"
Leslie Brooks,