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Why illustration

A picture is worth a thousand words. An illustration chooses which words. An illustration can provide the style, highlight the qualities, evoke emotions and communicate your message quicker than anything.

What for

First impressions are important. Online, impression happens in an instant. We have mere seconds to send the right message to a new visitor. Illustration is an effortless visual communicator of your service and identity. It will help you secure your spot in a niche, market and minds of your right people. An illustration makes you memorable, while preserving your privacy.

Putting aside these strategic values, the fact that you’ll be putting a smile on your visitors’ faces upon landing to your site is quite sweet and priceless.

What is in the package

You get your illustrated character, drawn for you and based on your ideas. You get to go wild with your imagination and order a caricature-like character or an idealised one, whatever you prefer, and I will pull all my strengths to meet your needs.

You get email brainstorming with me about your new visual identity.

You get your character made in the time frame I give you with your order, and a reasonable amount of modifications in the process.

Format of your choosing

You can order a Photoshop graphic illustration or an Illustrator vector illustration as the final product. Both of these formats are editable and with preserved layers.

Both formats are accompanied with various sizes of PNG files for preview and use.
Vector illustration also comes in a PDF format.


How do we do this

You send me a photo of you, I listen to your ideas and give you my thoughts on what suits your particular needs.

After we brainstorm and agree on what your character should look like, I create your illustration in about two week’s time from starting. You review the work and I make modifications if needed until we’re happy with the outcome.

Then we crack open the imaginary champagne.

Sounds good? Please continue…




"It was a pleasure working with Djuro. I had a few adjustments during the process, and it was very nice to experience that Djuro was professionel about making those adjustments, eventhough they were a bit small. All in all that made the result perfect for me."
Casper Vestereng,